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Sam was my basic cave instructor in Mount Gambier, and being a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer myself, I know what traits to look for in a quality teacher – and look no further. Sam Bennett is a fantastic communicator and demonstrates an unrivalled level of professionalism. His knowledge and skill in diving surpasses that of many course directors, as his exposure to different types of diving, locations around the world, and real-life situations is so vast.

Allen Haggerty

Basic Cave Student

I was very lucky to have Sam as my instructor for the Basic Cave course in Mount Gambier, South Australia. This was by far the toughest course I have ever done and I was so tempted to quit. But Sam talked, guided and encouraged me through. Because it was so hard, it is now one of my proudest achievements and I thank Sam for that!

Lyndal Robson

Basic Cave Student

Josh Richards

Sam is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever met. He’s lived and breathed scuba since he was a kid - he brings a depth of diving experience that’s genuinely extraordinary! Training with Sam is always a laugh and he produces better divers for making every aspect of a course fun. I’m proud to tell people I began my first step into cave diving under his watchful eye, and aspire to be the kind of instructor he is.

Guided Dive Customer

Bec Neil

Sam is an amazing diver and instructor. Right from the start he made me feel very comfortable and confident with his abilities as an Instructor. Sam is very patient and understanding. He takes the time to ensure each individual divers needs are meet, along with the adequate time needed to perfect skills. I highly recommend Sam to all divers from novice right through to technical and cave divers.

Sidemount Student

Tyler Dewitt

I’ve taken a myriad of dive courses - PADI, GUE, IART, and CDAA. Sam’s knowledge and attitude made this one of my favorite courses I’ve ever taken! He knew we were experienced divers and pushed us to our breaking point. He didn’t just teach the course, he taught us practical skills that we can apply anywhere. It wasn’t about the certification, it was about making us better divers. The skills I learned have made me a much better diver!

Basic Cave & Sidemount Student

"Lets hear it from the ADVENTUROUS ones"

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