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Coral view in Bermuda

We want to ensure that you receive as much out of your courses with us as possible, and to do this; we have set a maximum limit of 4 students to 1 instructor to ensure that every student gets as much time with their instructor as possible.


When completing a course with EcoDive, you are purchasing the course, not the certification, meaning that our instructors will only certify you if they believe you have proven that you can meet the minimum requirements and exceed them.

Star Fish
Scuba diving in between reef in Bermuda


Bermuda is an ideal location to complete your next certification and explore all the stunning dive sites we offer. Bermuda is the wreck capital of the Atlantic Ocean; with over 300 shipwrecks scattered around the island, there is plenty to see!


No matter how long you are with us, we will strive to make sure that you get to explore several different sites around the island.


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