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Intro to Tech

Have you ever wondered what technical diving is all about?

Service Description

Being a technical diver, What can it do for you? Expand your horizons and try tech. The Intro to Tech Course is an introductory course that expands on recreational training by improving dive planning methods and in-water skills, and streamlining existing gear configurations in a controlled and fun learning environment. What you get from this course: The objective of this course is to familiarize students with technical equipment configurations, to enhance open water diving skills (such as buoyancy, trim, and situational awareness), and to introduce students to advanced gas planning techniques within a no-decompression context. Student Prerequisites 1. Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent 2. Minimum certification an SDI Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent 3. Provide proof of 25 logged open water dives Duration: 2 days Upon successful completion of the course, graduates may engage in diving activities in a technical equipment configuration without direct supervision provided: 1. The diving activities approximate those of training 2. The areas of activities and environmental conditions approximate those of training 3. Graduates may enrol in: 4. TDI Advanced Nitrox Course 5. TDI Decompression Procedures Course Equipment requirements: - Primary cylinder(s) with appropriate volume for diving conditions - Primary regulators (A 1st stage and second stage are required on every cylinder) - Depth gauge and automatic bottom timer and/or dive computer - BCD adequate for configuration type. - Ascent reel with lift bag/surface marker buoy - Slates or wetnotes - Exposure protection - Swimming Costume - Towel - Water Bottle To book your session, please get in contact to schedule with us.

  • 800 Bermudian dollars

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that EcoDive Ltd. operates a 24-hour cancellation policy. Therefore, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation on any booking. In the event that the booking is cancelled within the 24 hours of the scheduled reservation, EcoDive Ltd reserves the right to charge the price of any booking. EcoDive Ltd. reserves the right to charge the price of any booking. There is a 72-hour cancellation policy on all Courses. You will NOT be charged if EcoDive Ltd. is forced to cancel due to weather or mechanical issues.

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