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Do you want to share your passion of diving with others? Does getting paid to dive interest you?

Service Description

Become a certified Divemaster with EcoDive Bermuda! Our Divemaster course will provide the skills and knowledge to plan, organise and direct diving activities and supervise certified divers. During the course, you will receive training on dive theory, safety protocols, dive planning and more. Get the most out of your diving experience and start your Divemaster journey today. What you get from this course: The Divemaster Course is the first professional-level certification. During the course, you will learn how to work with divers, lead certified divers, and act as a dive guide, showing divers underwater dive sites and the marine life that inhabits those dive sites. You will increase your knowledge about physics and physiology as well as increase your proficiency with your scuba and snorkelling skills. Student Prerequisites 1. Minimum age 18 2. Certified SDI Advanced Adventure Diver or equivalent; advanced certification must include verifiable experience in deep, navigation, night, and limited visibility specialities 3. Certified SDI Rescue Diver or equivalent 4. Provide proof of current First Response Adult and Child Emergency Care Provider and Oxygen Administration Provider (where local law permits) certification or equivalent* 5. Provided proof of at least 40 logged dives (see 3.11 for number of dives/hours required for graduation) *Note: First Response courses may be combined with the SDI Divemaster course by qualified instructors Duration: 10 days to 6 weeks Upon successful completion of this course, you may: 1. Assist an active SDI Instructor during approved diving courses, provided the activities are similar to the graduate’s prior training 2. Supervise and conduct dives for certified divers, provided the activities are similar to the graduate’s prior experience and training. Equipment requirements: Unless otherwise noted, the minimum equipment requirements for training by an instructor, assistant instructor, and divemaster is as follows: 1. Mask, fins and snorkel 2. Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) with a low-pressure power inflator 3. Regulator with submersible pressure gauge 4. Alternate air sources 5. Weight system 6. Personal dive computer 7. Exposure suit adequate for the training conditions 8. Compressed gas cylinder 9. Compass 10. Cutting device 11. Rescue signal 12. A dive flag must be carried in accordance with local laws or regulations for all open water locations To book your session, please get in contact to schedule with us.

  • 1,500 Bermudian dollars

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that EcoDive Ltd. operates a 24-hour cancellation policy. Therefore, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation on any booking. In the event that the booking is cancelled within the 24 hours of the scheduled reservation, EcoDive Ltd reserves the right to charge the price of any booking. EcoDive Ltd. reserves the right to charge the price of any booking. There is a 72-hour cancellation policy on all Courses. You will NOT be charged if EcoDive Ltd. is forced to cancel due to weather or mechanical issues.

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