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Finning into the Future

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

We are becoming increasingly aware of the effects we as human beings are have on the environment and ecosystems around us; global warming, plastic pollution, and coral bleaching, to name a few.

Many of us are making changes to do our part as much as possible, including the team at Fourth Element. They are constantly creating some fantastic equipment that they share with the dive industry, but they have raised the bar with this product:

The Fourth Element, ‘Rec Fins’

The first thing you will notice is that they look very similar to some other great fins on the market; the reason for this is that they didn’t need to create a whole new design when there is already a tried and tested design out there.

Why not just make it better? Which is exactly what they have done. Their ‘Rec Fin’ is made with a fully recycled blade, meaning they have excellent performance and low environmental impact. The plastic is sourced from post-consumer and industrial plastic waste, with the equivalent of 120 plastic bottles rescued from waste streams in every pair of fins.

Does this mean you need to throw out your current pair of fins, head to our online store, and order yourself a pair?

Of course not! Firstly, come out on a dive with us and try the ‘Rec Fins’ out for yourself; we are very excited to have them as part of our rental fleet, then when you are ready to get a new pair of fins, these are the ones you want to be getting yourself.

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