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Deep Diver

Come gain the skills and knowledge to safely execute a deep dive.

Service Description

Is there a big difference between diving in the first 10m/33ft and down at 30m/99ft? The Deep Diver Course is a must for any diver wishing to explore a little further, go a little deeper, and learn the risks and benefits associated with deep diving. Countless interesting sights lay just beyond open water diver training limits such as; beautiful wall dives, shipwrecks, and critters that don’t come into the shallows. What you get from this course: The purpose of this course is to provide a diver with the necessary knowledge and skills to execute a dive that is outside of the range of an Open Water Diver. Student Prerequisites 1. Open Water Scuba Diver, Junior Open Water Scuba Diver, or equivalent, or current enrolment in one of those courses 2. Minimum age 18, 10 with parental consent Duration: 2 days Upon successful completion of this course: You will receive the necessary training that will allow you to venture beyond 18 metres/60 feet and to a maximum depth of 40 metres/130 feet. Equipment requirements: - Basic open water scuba diving equipment (can be rented if you don’t have your own) - Exposure Suit (Wetsuit or Drysuit) - Swimming Costume - Towel - Water Bottle To book your session, please get in contact to schedule with us.

  • 650 Bermudian dollars

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that EcoDive Ltd. operates a 24-hour cancellation policy. Therefore, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation on any booking. In the event that the booking is cancelled within the 24 hours of the scheduled reservation, EcoDive Ltd reserves the right to charge the price of any booking. EcoDive Ltd. reserves the right to charge the price of any booking. There is a 72-hour cancellation policy on all Courses. You will NOT be charged if EcoDive Ltd. is forced to cancel due to weather or mechanical issues.

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