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  • Razor sidemount - Rental

Razor sidemount - Rental


Have the opportunity to rent this fantastic sidemount rig. It is a great all around rig for use with both wetsuit & drysuits. 


Rental price is for 1 day. If you wish to rent for multiple days please select the quantity of product as the amount of days you wish to rent for. 


The Razor 4 Side Mount System is an integrated system designed specifically for side mount diving. It can be used for both cold water diving with dry suits and steel tanks and warm water diving with wet suits and aluminium tanks.

The new Complete Razor 4 System has the following components:
• Razor 4 Harness
• Redundant BAT Wing 4 with integrated weight base layer
• Razor 4 Pocket Weight System
• Razor 4 Multitool
• 6 inch Miflex LPI hose
• Spare Side Mount Bungee
• Razor 4 Expandable Pouch
• 2 Razor branded Double Enders for the Pouch

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